The March issue of Fete Lifestyle Magazine focuses on dynamic and diverse women who are fearless trailblazers all over the world and prominently featured is none other than Tori Bowie.

After an incredible performance at the 2016 Rio Olympics, Tori is a star on the rise and she’s blazing a path for young women just like her to chase their dreams and make a difference in the process.

In the article, Fete Lifestyle’s D.C. Crenshaw calls Tori a “true hero,” in a day and age when that word is, in his own words, “used too often to describe a person’s accomplishments. But Crenshaw believes that Tori is a hero and a symbol of greatness, not because of her athletic prowess, but because of where she’s come from and how she’s giving back. He writes:

“True greatness comes from within and real heroes are those who have overcome major obstacles and challenges and give back to others to make someone else’s life special. Tori Bowie fits the bill.”

TB was recognized for those special traits earlier this year when she was honored with the Casey Excellence for Children Life of Hope award from Casey Family Programs for serving as a beacon of hope and illustrating the possibilities and promise of the lives of vulnerable children in the foster system. She was recognized alongside her grandmother, who she credits with giving her the fearlessness to succeed.

“I’ve always wanted to take full advantage of my talents and abilities,” Tori told Crenshaw in exclusive interview for March’s issue of FLM. “I know that I have been blessed with talent. Throughout my journey it’s been important for me to fully leverage what i have been given. Every day is a chance to put my skills to use!”

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