For Tori Bowie, the afterglow from an incredible performance in Rio at the 2016 Olympic Games has hardly worn off in the six weeks since the games concluded. In fact, she says the magnitude of her accomplishment is still hitting her as she enjoys the offseason and reflects on it.

“It was just an honor for me,” Tori told Mississippi News Now. “I remember the moment I had that flag draped around me. I remember just simply talking to the Lord. I remember just thanking him so much.” – Jackson, MS

Tori’s first Olympic experience was one of a kind. She not only won the bronze in the women’s 200 meter and silver in the 100-meter race, but she helped Team USA capture gold in the 4×100 to give her a medal of each shade for her collection. But despite such and enthralling and successful experience in Rio, Tori is far from satisfied, and she’s already fixed her focus forward on her next set of goals on the track.

“It makes you want more. It makes me want more. I feel like I’m in a great position to accomplish more,” she said. “I for sure want to compete in the Olympics again. I have to. But you know right now my main focus is on next summer. Next summer we have World Championships in London.”

She also has goals off the track, including modeling, which she got a taste of during Fashion Week in New York last month, and acting. She told Mississippi News Now that she’d love to have a role in a future Tyler Perry movie. She also has her growing endorsement deal with adidas to focus on. The company signed her to an apparel deal out of college, and her success since then has launched her into a position as one of the faces of the brand.

“2014 I signed with them,” she said. “That was my first deal and you know now you walk into the stores and you see Tori Bowie on the posters. So it’s still like, it still feels like I’m dreaming.”

Tori truly is living her dream, and at age 26 she knows she still has a lot she can accomplish in front of her. But she also realizes the importance of staying grounded, something her family in Mississippi helps her do.

“I don’t care what comes my way and what I accomplish and how big Tori Bowie becomes,” she said. “I’m going to remain Tori Bowie.”